It's always difficult to start to do something, the videos will help you to start developing for popular Android platform. It is only beginning of your journey to bring your ideas to life.

Welcome to Androidevinar project.

You'r Android developer. You like Functional Programming and tired of only imperative Java way.

This is for you - Kotlin is new language that is good enough for Dalvik VM, compiles same Java byte code and keep same speed.

This is Kotlin Android Library and it's Open Source project.

I'm proud to introduce you XWindows Dock. It makes your work much easier on your PC.

By the way, since we have introduced XWindows Dock 2.0 beta in January, 2010 it was downloaded more than 210 000 times. Thank you, guys!

This is Open Source project.

A blog where you can find some IT things what I think about and it may be interesting for programmers as well.

I talk about software for computers and mobile phones, programming languages and technologies. Glad to see you on the blog.

The Blog is available only on Russian.

Do you need simply transfer some files from your PC to another one too often? That's a solution.

AirFileExchange gives you opportunity to exchange files between PCs in local network by 2 clicks.

This is Open Source project and Just for Fun. Watch a video

When you need to write UI for Android by hands, you need know XML and type a lot. If you are familiar with Lisp, you know (name value) expression is cool and easy. Let's use this idea.

"<name attr1="value1"><child attr2="value2" /></name>" will looks on Lisp-like: "(name (attr1 value1) (child (attr2 value2)))"

Not cool? Just copy AndroidXMLayouter_x.x.x.jar to Eclipse plugin directory, restart Eclipse, open .xml file, type Lisp-like code, right click "Generate Android XML", done.

This is Open Source project. Watch a video

Simple tool should run before Java compiler to translate some structures of the language to 'clean' Java code.

All arguments passes to this tool has to be *.fjava files, that can even have no FJava structures. Tool will create .java file with same name in same package (folder) so newly created java file can be compiled by Java compiler.

Be able to use this tool it's required to add com.fjava.library to classpath to your project. There are no files to be attached to your code, except if you use, for example, () => {} structure, tool will replace it with some interface F<...>(...) so this file will be compiled by Java compiler and attached to your project. If you don't use any structured, additional files won't be attached at all.

This is Open Source project.